1. The Main Reasons People Lock Keys in Their Cars

    It doesn’t matter how conscientious we are - at some point, we all turn to get into our cars and freeze. Slowly, the dismaying realization that our keys really are inside the car sinks in. And then we have to figure out what to do. At JC Manhattan Locksmiths, we’ve seen it all! We have listed the main reasons people lock themselves out of their cars in the hopes that it will save some of you f…Read More

  2. Smart Keys Don’t Stop Work for Auto Locksmith in Manhattan KS

    Smart keys are becoming more and more common, but they aren't stopping the phone from ringing at our auto locksmith shop in Manhattan KS. Smart keys used to be solely for luxury brands, but more automakers are installing these transponder keys in order to eliminate the need to have a key to start or unlock your key. These keys simply need to be in your pocket in order for the car to unlock or star…Read More

  3. Our Locksmiths Are Auto-matic

    Hello Manhattan KS, This is your car keys. I’m sitting in the console where you set us, as you were rushing into work this morning. The car doors automatically locked us in after 30 seconds, so it looks like you might need some help getting us out of here. Fortunately, there’s a fast and reliable auto locksmith in Manhattan, KS. JC Manhattan Locksmiths offers 24/7 locksmith service in Manhatta…Read More

  4. Locksmith Manhattan, KS: The Auto Locksmith of Manhattan, KS Ready to Serve

    Welcome to the finer things in life. You have the house, the car, the thousands of errands to run on a week to week basis, and amidst all that running it is not at all surprising when something slips your mind. When that something happens to be that you have left your keys in your car post hitting the automatic lock button, then it might be time to call in a little help. We of JC Manhattan Locksmi…Read More