1. The Key To A Great Locksmith in Manhattan, KS

    Hello, This is your spare key that you’ve been hiding under the welcome mat of your front door. I am writing to let you know that JC Manhattan Locksmith has very affordable prices, friendly agents, and fast service, so you don’t have to risk a stranger using me to access the house and stealing your valuable possessions and violating your privacy. I would feel awful if that were to ever happen,…Read More

  2. Home Security Tips Part 3-Outdoors And Neighborhood

    During the last few weeks, we at JC Manhattan Locksmiths, your local locksmith of Manhattan, KS, have been offering tips to heighten your home security. We've gone over locks, keys, doors and windows. Now we'll move on to outdoor security. If you've got trees on your property, be sure to remove or cut back branches that give burglars access to the upper levels of your house. Also, trimming tre…Read More

  3. Home Security Tips Part 2-Doors And Windows

    Welcome back! Here at JC Manhattan Locksmiths, a top locksmith in Manhattan, KS, we're offering tips on how to increase your home security. Last week we talked about keys and locks. Today, we'll go over some information regarding doors and windows. First, remember that the doors and windows of your home are the easiest point of entry for an intruder. A good investment for your doors are ones c…Read More

  4. Home Security Tips Part 1-Locks And Keys

    At JC Manhattan Locksmiths, we're the premier locksmith in Manhattan, KS. We've got years of experience providing security for homes and businesses. We'd like to provide you with some tips you can follow to provide a higher lever of safety for you and your loved ones. So, let's talk about locks and keys. The primary thing to remember with keys is to keep them out of circulation. There's enormo…Read More

  5. Tips From Your Locksmith In Manhattan KS

    Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their own home. Your home is where you retreat to after work and school to relax and sleep and get away from it all. What you can do to make sure that you always feel safe and secure in your own home is hire your local locksmith in Manhattan KS, JC Manhattan Locksmiths, to ensure that your home has excellent security features. Aside from offer services tha…Read More

  6. The Benefits Of A 24/7 Locksmith In KS

    There are a ton of videos and how-tos out there on the internet that show you how to break into your home or your car after you've locked yourself out. Of course, these may work if you've already got a metal coat hanger on hand or you're an expert at breaking into places without causing any damage. Unfortunately, we get a lot of calls from people who have just spent the last 30 minutes trying to b…Read More

  7. Save Money and Time With Re-Keying

    If you just bought a new home or business and are needing to ensure the security of your home or business by changing the locks, it may be more worth your while and money to have  JC Manhattan Locksmiths re-key the locks that are already there, rather than purchasing brand new locks or door handles.  Lock re-keying is typically a lot cheaper and faster than replacing the whole door handle or loc…Read More

  8. Keyless Entry Systems for a Safer Workplace

    The bigger your company gets, the harder it is for human resources to keep track of whose coming and going every day.  There is a great solution to this problem; it is called a Keyless Entry System. Installing a keyless entry system not only tracks employees coming in and out of your building, it also keeps your employees safer by only letting those in that have a key card.  The software that co…Read More

  9. Don’t Panic! We Are Here For You

    It’s so frustrating when you lock your keys in your car. It sometimes can be a dangerous situation, like when there are small children in the car. You are in a panic and have tried everything to get the car door open but have no success doing so. The children are crying and the 18 month old just can’t seem to grasp what you’re telling him to do to unlock the door. Anxiety takes over and you …Read More

  10. What Our Fort Riley Locksmith Can Do For Your Car

    When you think of a locksmith for your vehicle, you probably imagine one thing: the person who comes and unlocks your car for you after you've locked your keys inside. While it's true that our Fort Riley locksmith can do this for you, there are so many other services our locksmith can provide for your vehicle. Take a look: Replace your lost keys. It's all happened to us before! We set down our ke…Read More

  11. Locksmith Manhattan, KS: The Auto Locksmith of Manhattan, KS Ready to Serve

    Welcome to the finer things in life. You have the house, the car, the thousands of errands to run on a week to week basis, and amidst all that running it is not at all surprising when something slips your mind. When that something happens to be that you have left your keys in your car post hitting the automatic lock button, then it might be time to call in a little help. We of JC Manhattan Locksmi…Read More

  12. Our Junction City Locksmith Can Give You an Accurate Estimate Over the Phone

    So many services claim that they can give you an estimate on the job you need done, only to turn around and give you a much higher bill after the work has been completed. We know this is incredibly frustrating, because we've been there, too. That's why we make it a point to give honest, accurate estimates to our customers about the work they need done by our Junction City locksmith. We can even gi…Read More