1. Where Should You Hide Your Extra House Key?

    It is very tempting to sacrifice security for convenience. However, putting a spare house key in place where you can easily access it means that someone else can access it, too. And no matter how clever you think you are, we can guarantee someone else has done it … and an unscrupulous person has found it. Without further ado, here are the very worst places to hide a spare house key: Under your w…Read More

  2. Job One: Securing Your Home

    As Fort Riley Locksmiths, we know how important home security is to every family. We work tirelessly to ensure our client’s families are safe and their possessions are secure. Our entries today address this important topic in three parts, of which we cover the first two today. They will address how to avoid pitfalls in securing your locks, keys, doors, and windows. As you peruse these entries, t…Read More

  3. What Our Fort Riley Locksmith Can Do For Your Car

    When you think of a locksmith for your vehicle, you probably imagine one thing: the person who comes and unlocks your car for you after you've locked your keys inside. While it's true that our Fort Riley locksmith can do this for you, there are so many other services our locksmith can provide for your vehicle. Take a look: Replace your lost keys. It's all happened to us before! We set down our ke…Read More