Welcome back to the one and only JC Manhattan Locksmith blog. To jog your memory, you join us between parts one and two of a two-part series describing some of the most fun, interesting, practically help, and somewhat random facts about locksmiths, locks, and keys.

In part one, we started off our post by describing a few qualities that make our local locksmith company stand out among the rest. We encourage you to go back and read part one in its entirety if you get the chance, but to sum it up we are specialists in commercial, residential, and automotive locksmithing services. On top of that, we are open 24/7! Plus, we are experienced, reliable, and affordable. If you need a residential, auto, or commercial Fayetteville locksmith worth their salt, look no further than JC Manhattan Locksmith.

Facts, Continued

Below, we continue with the most incredible locksmithing facts blog you’ve ever read. We aren’t sure exactly how many blogs you’ve read on the topic, but we are confident this will top the list!

  • Let’s start off with a very important one — we have NC Locksmith License #2137. The odds are strong that you do not. Why does this matter? Because if you try to get into your own car, house, or place of business, you’d be breaking the state law. That’s right, if you aren’t licensed, it’s a first-offense demeanor. The second time it’s a felony, so we think it’s safe to say that you should leave it to the professionals when you have a situation that requires a locksmith in North Carolina.
  • A locksmith requires working knowledge of skills that include security experts, carpenters, machinists, and mechanics. We have to have intimate knowledge of the mechanics of different kinds of locks, which entails quite a bit of knowledge. You don’t become a reliable locksmith overnight…which leads us to the fact that…
  • Most locksmiths were at one point apprentices. The majority of us underwent some kind of apprenticeship, in which we were pseudo-squires of the professionals. Not only does this help trade secrets get passed on from generation to generation, but it also makes sure that there isn’t an influx of locksmith students looking to learn how to pick locks rather than make an honest living!
  • A locksmith worth their salt is going to be able to duplicate almost any kind of key they encounter. Even automatic keys aren’t an issue for your average locksmith. This is why we recommend you should get a high-security lock with keys that can’t be duplicated.
  • Price points are subject to change. But why? Well, some people are farther away from us than others. It’s also the case that people lock themselves out of their homes and cars at all hours of the night, so we have to account for that as well. We run our locksmith company in a fair and honest way, however, so don’t worry about us charging an arm and a leg. Plus, you can get your free quote by just giving us a call!
  • The final fact we will provide our readers with is about the largest padlock in the world. The Pavlovo Arts College in Russia boasts the Guinesss World Record for the largest padlock the world has ever seen. It weighs 916 lbs. and is 56 inches in height!

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