You’re in a hurry. Your hands are full. It’s probably windy or raining. All you want is to reach the refuge of your car and breathe. But then, you realize –

Your keys are not where they should be. In fact, you can see them lying on the floor of your car.

At this moment, you have several options. As experienced locksmiths, we at JC Manhattan Locksmiths have seen what people tend to do, and we are here to advise you on the best course of action.

DON’T – break your car window. Yes, it’s faster. However, it costs much more to replace a window than a quick-responding professional locksmith. Take a breath and be patient – you’ll thank yourself later!

DO – call a locksmith. We realize people don’t hire locksmiths because they are afraid of being overcharged or scammed. They are wise. To avoid being taken advantage of, follow these two tips:

  1. Hire someone with auto experience
  2. Hire someone with a storefront in the area if possible

A locksmith with auto experience won’t damage your car in the process of unlocking it. Wisely hiring a locksmith will get you a professional with a reputation to protect, which will protect you from scamming.

In truth, getting back into your car is a simple process. It is stressful to be locked out, but if you hold steady and refrain from damaging your car by breaking a window, you will get into that driver’s seat sooner than you think. If you are in the Manhattan area, call JC Manhattan Locksmiths. Our courteous 24-7 locksmith professionals are ready to reunite you and your keys!