It doesn’t matter how conscientious we are – at some point, we all turn to get into our cars and freeze. Slowly, the dismaying realization that our keys really are inside the car sinks in. And then we have to figure out what to do.

At JC Manhattan Locksmiths, we’ve seen it all! We have listed the main reasons people lock themselves out of their cars in the hopes that it will save some of you from experiencing the same thing.

  1. Putting down keys to get something out of your purse, wallet, pocket, glove compartment, etc) … and forgetting about them.
  2. Getting distracted by kids, pet, significant other, relatives, food, phone, music, etc).
  3. Mis-remembering where you put the keys.
  4. Putting keys in a pocket or bag only to have them fall out.

The answer to these issues is not “paying better attention.” It doesn’t matter how determined you are to remain aware of everything; you’re human. The only ally you have in this situation is routine. Establishing habit will put your body through the correct motions, even if your head is miles away. Hopefully, when your mind comes back, your keys will be exactly where you need them. Routine is the only tool that can do this for you. In our next blog, we will discuss different routines so you can find one that fits you!

No matter how you and your keys got separated, we at JC Manhattan Locksmiths have the tools to reunite you. If and when you need help, don’t panic, just contact your auto locksmiths in Manhattan, Kansas today!