Nowadays, all cars have transponder keys – big key fobs with lock/unlock buttons, alarm buttons, and more. This means that if you are locked out of your car, it is crucial to get a locksmith with auto experience. The properly-experienced locksmith will be able to work with your car’s security system to get in without damaging it. JC Manhattan Locksmiths are very experienced in this area, and we are the best option if you live in the Manhattan, Kansas area.

In order to understand how important the proper locksmith is, here is a rundown of the modern automobile’s security system.

This security system works with radio waves and computer chips. There is a chip in your key fob, and it has a unique code. When you press any button, the chip communicates via radio waves with the machine inside your car. This machine will not respond unless the signal it receives matches up correctly. That means your car simply will not respond to anything than the key fob that came with it.

This system is highly superior to the manual key system, which was wide-open to theft. In more and more cars, the engine won’t even start without a signal from the transponder, which makes it even more difficult to steal.

If you lock this technology into your car, you will need to call a highly-skilled locksmith like we have at JC Manhattan Locksmiths. This locksmith will work with blank keys and programming to match the ignition code of your car. If your locksmith only works with manual keys, he/she will not be prepared to deal with the technological sophistication of your car, and you will likely have damage done to your car. Don’t let that happen – call your Manhattan locksmiths today!