As Fort Riley Locksmiths, we know how important home security is to every family. We work tirelessly to ensure our client’s families are safe and their possessions are secure. Our entries today address this important topic in three parts, of which we cover the first two today. They will address how to avoid pitfalls in securing your locks, keys, doors, and windows. As you peruse these entries, think about safety issues where you are throwing caution to the wind. Can you find anything in here that you would like to change about your home security?

Home Security Tips Part 1-Locks And Keys

“So, let’s talk about locks and keys. The primary thing to remember with keys is to keep them out of circulation. There are many potential cases of theft caused by unauthorized use of keys. Think about who might have access to your keys-child care providers, housekeepers, parking attendants, the list goes on. Then, think about how easy it is to have a duplicate key made.”

Home Security Tips Part 2-Doors And Windows

“First, remember that the doors and windows of your home are the easiest point of entry for an intruder. A good investment for your doors are ones constructed out of steel or solid wood. Hollow wood doors can easily be kicked in. When installing your doors, be sure to install them with the hinges inside the door so that the hinges cannot be easily removed. Watch out for gaps between doors and frames, as these gaps can make it easier for prying. Another excellent investment is doors installed with a high-security deadbolt.”