At JC Manhattan Locksmith, we are doing a blog review series where we revisit some of our blog entries from long ago to remind our readers of their handy content. How blog reviews work is we will post a short lead-in to it and some of the “meat” from a helpful post in the form of a direct quote. We will also provide a link so you can go right to the post to read more about it. Without further delay, let’s get right to our first blog entry in our review series.

We have several commercial services available for businesses. These first two entries explain different security options for your business, from rekeying existing locks to installing a keyless entry system. These are important considerations for today’s business owners because they cover the gamut of temporary fix all the way to long-term fix.

Save Money and Time With Re-Keying

“Typically more expensive and less time-consuming, changing the locks on your home or business can still be a bit of a project. Why go through that hassle when you Call JC Manhattan Locksmith for your lock repair or replacement, and voila it will be done professionally and in no time.”  

Keyless Entry Systems for a Safer Workplace

“Installing a keyless entry system not only tracks employees coming in and out of your building, it also keeps your employees safer by only letting those in that have a key card.  The software that comes with this system has the ability to run informational reports from the tracking system and  logs every time a card is scanned in or out.”