Hello Manhattan KS,

This is your car keys. I’m sitting in the console where you set us, as you were rushing into work this morning. The car doors automatically locked us in after 30 seconds, so it looks like you might need some help getting us out of here. Fortunately, there’s a fast and reliable auto locksmith in Manhattan, KS. JC Manhattan Locksmiths offers 24/7 locksmith service in Manhattan KS and the surrounding area.

The house key is a little frantic right now because he can’t remember if he locked the deadbolt this morning and he knows how important deadbolts are to the overall security of our home and your possessions. The remote fab is a little disgruntled because up to this point he had a perfect record in keeping us from being locked in the car. He keeps sobbing about his “consecutive days without a lockout streak” and that now that “it’s over,” he doesn’t know how much longer he wants to unlock the car. Now, he’s going on about how he just went to work every day to do his best to lock and unlock the car, and that he “has nothing left to prove.” It’s like a Brett Favre press conference in here. Sheesh. Get me out of this car.

Please call JC Locksmiths soon because they’re the fast, reliable, and professional auto locksmith in Manhattan, KS. Just because they are a 24/7 locksmith for KS, doesn’t mean you should wait to call. I need out of here as soon as possible.