This is your front door deadbolt. I’ve noticed recently that you’re not locking me when you leave the house. I know that it’s an extra step and can seem like an extra hassle, but there are more reasons to exercise caution than to throw it to the wind (and there’s plenty of wind out here). The reason you have a deadbolt like me is that I’m more secure and harder to pick than most door locks. Although we do make gaining access to a home more difficult for an unwelcome visitor, JC Manhattan Locksmiths, your trustworthy and reliable locksmith in Junction City and Manhattan, KS, can get you into your house should lose your keys or otherwise get locked out of your house.

To illustrate my point I would like to do a quick comparison with you to weigh the good against the bad aspects of locking me when you’re away.

The Good:

  • Your home is physically more secure when I’m engaged.
  • A deadbolt like me sends a clear message to anyone watching that your home would be much more difficult to break into than a house without a deadbolt engaged.
  • Prowlers know that it takes a lot longer to break in through a door that has a deadbolt engaged, therefore, they’re going to attract unwanted attention from neighbors and passersby.

The Bad:

  • It takes like three seconds to put the key in and lock me.

If you happen to have separate keys for your door locks or if you don’t have a deadbolt, your professional and friendly Junction City locksmith at JC Manhattan Locksmiths can unify your locks to set you up with one key for all locks. Either way, I urge you to please use the security deadbolts like me offer.