This is your spare key that you’ve been hiding under the welcome mat of your front door. I am writing to let you know that JC Manhattan Locksmith has very affordable prices, friendly agents, and fast service, so you don’t have to risk a stranger using me to access the house and stealing your valuable possessions and violating your privacy. I would feel awful if that were to ever happen, so I’d like to say something. JC Manhattan Locksmith, also serving as a Fort Riley locksmith, has solutions for you that’ll make these risks unwarranted.

I’m certainly not telling you to retire me and not have an immediate way to get us keys out of the house, should you lock us inside. All I’m saying is let’s not be so obvious about it. If you do keep me outside, here’s a few things to think about:

  • Don’t keep me in the front of your house, where onlookers can see where you are placing or accessing me.
  • In other words, hiding me under the welcome mat, on the front door ledge, and inside the fake rock by the front door are out of the question. Leave those solutions for Beverly Hills Cop 6.
  • Place me somewhere on the side or back of the house, if possible. This allows you to keep my secret stashing place an actual secret more easily.

Remember, we keys never leave another key behind. So, if we are all locked inside the house, use JC Manhattan Locksmith to extract us. They have a tremendous service record and trustworthy technicians. Whether you need a locksmith in Manhattan, Kansas or in Fort Riley, you can always call their 24/7 locksmith service.

Sparingly Yours