During the last few weeks, we at JC Manhattan Locksmiths, your local locksmith of ManhattanKS, have been offering tips to heighten your home security. We’ve gone over locks, keys, doors and windows. Now we’ll move on to outdoor security.

If you’ve got trees on your property, be sure to remove or cut back branches that give burglars access to the upper levels of your house. Also, trimming trees and shrubbery is a good habit as it removes places to hide. Mother Nature can also provide protection-plant thorny and low bushes beneath windows. Cutting the grass regularly also lets everyone know that the house is occupied. Along with keeping the landscape well cared for, make sure to keep it well lit. Burglars prefer to operate in darkness. With your outdoor lights, be mindful that bulbs don’t burn out. For outdoor lighting, motion detectors are a great way to go. Not only do they expose intruders who want to remain hidden, but they’ll make you feel safer when you come home at night. When you do go out at night, be sure to leave a light on, preferably one on each floor.

In general, it’s a great idea to be aware of what goes on in your neighborhood. If you see strangers in your neighborhood, be sure to pass a description of what they look like and what they were doing along to your neighbors. Lastly, never let a stranger into your home, especially if they’re offering free services like inspections of air conditioners or the roof. If you’re not sure about a worker, ask for identification and call their company for verification.