At JC Manhattan Locksmiths, we’re the premier locksmith in Manhattan, KS. We’ve got years of experience providing security for homes and businesses. We’d like to provide you with some tips you can follow to provide a higher lever of safety for you and your loved ones.

So, let’s talk about locks and keys. The primary thing to remember with keys is to keep them out of circulation. There’s enormous potential cases of theft caused by unauthorized use of keys. Think about who might have access to your keys-child care providers, housekeepers, parking attendants, the list goes on. Then, think about how easy it is to have a duplicate key made. We’re not suggesting you become paranoid, but just be aware and mindful of where your keys are. Additionally, if you’re going to give keys out to people, make sure it’s those you can trust.  Next, if you move into a new home, make sure to get the locks and keys changed as a precaution. If you’ve got a spare key, don’t leave it in an obvious place like under the welcome mat or in a flower pot.

Speaking of keys, a good idea is to invest in specialized keys that require your authorization to make a copy. These kinds of keys can only be duplicated by a professional locksmith. Medeco and Assa High Security Locks are a couple of good companies that offer locks and keys that are difficult to duplicate. Be careful with your key ring and make sure you don’t have identifying tags on it with addresses, phone numbers or other personal information.